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Daily Bulletin for Students and Families




Canyon Middle School – Release Times for the Week of January 15, 2018


















Event                                                                     Time                                       Place

Girls’ Soccer Tryouts                                              3:30                                        Soccer Field

7/8TH GRADE DANCE: It's Dance Time! 7/8th graders - you are invited to your Winter Wonderland Dance on Friday, January 19, from 7:00-9:00pm. Admission is $5 or students can use a Q1 Renaissance Pass for free admission. Please remember that all school rules apply at the dance.  Please arrange ahead of time for rides home. Clear book/library fines now and keep a good behavior record so you can enjoy the fun. Bring your smooth moves and we’ll ring in the new year and dance the cold winter night away!  ~Ms. Shen

ATTENTION ALL 8TH GRADERS:  Monday, January 22, is the start of the 2nd semester. Please go to your regular 1st period advisory class to receive your new schedule. If you have a class change in period 1, you will then be dismissed to your new class. ~ Ms. Lum, Scheduling

TUPE PEER EDUCATOR MEETING MONDAY: TUPE Peer Educator meeting on Monday at lunch in K-5.  Hope to see you there! ~Ms. Hsiao-Frates

POCKET HAMSTERS UP FOR ADOPTION: I have three super cute, super friendly pocket hamsters up for adoption. There is a $10 donation to the zoo and I need a parent permission slip. You can come alllllll the way down to K-9 to see them. ~Mr. Lefkowitz

SOCCER TRYOUTS: Soccer tryouts on following dates rain or shine.

Boys Soccer tryouts are on Tuesday, 1/16, 3:30-5:30; Wednesday, 1/17, 2:30-4:30.

Girls Soccer Tryouts are on Thursday, 1/18, 3:30-5:30; Friday, 1/19, 3:30-5:30.

You will NOT be allowed to tryout if you don't have a completed on-line athletic locator turned in to Mr. Nieves by Friday 12/22. ~Mr. Nieves


6th graders - Jisnhu Sanyal & Kaitlyn Tchang

7th graders - Courtney Bosco, Dean Stavropoulos, & Hannah Thai

8th graders - Alexa Cango Ruiz, Isabel Enriquez, Maggie Lee, & Kyle Long

These students will be going on to represent Canyon at the CVUSD Spelling Bees held here in D-11 on February 6 and February 7. Congratulations, SOARing Spellers! ~Ms. Shen

ATTENTION STUDENTS: The Library will be closed after school this Thursday and Friday, due to minimum day schedule.  Remember to make arrangements to get home following the final bell Thursday and Friday.  Also, this is important: if you have any overdue Library books, be sure to return them no later than Thursday at lunch in order to be cleared to attend the 7/8th grade Winter Wonderland dance this Friday. ~Ms. Conn

ONLINE LOCATOR DEADLINE FOR VOLLEYBALL TRYOUTS: All boys and girls wanting to tryout for Volleyball must have a completed locator turned in ONLINE ONLY by 2/2/18.

~Mr. Nieves

WEB MOVIE NIGHT!  Hey 6th graders, do you like movies? Are you learning about China? If so, you should stay after school on Friday, January 26th to watch Mulan with WEB. The movie will start at 3:30 and end at 5:30. Bring a pillow or blanket to sit on. Snacks will be for sale, and the popcorn is FREE! We’ll see you there. ~WEB

NEW LIBRARY CHALLENGE: Students will be given the opportunity to improve their vocabulary and earn SOAR tickets. In the month of January we celebrate Martin Luther King and his accomplishments. Read his famous speech " I have a dream" in the library and highlight the vocabulary words shown on the flier. For additional tickets, define the words, or, write two lines about what the word FREEDOM means to you!  ~Library Staff

ONLINE LOCATOR DEADLINE FOR TRACK/GOLF TRYOUTS: Anyone wanting to run track and/or play golf this year must have a completed athletic locator turned in ONLINE ONLY by 3/9/18. ~Mr. Nieves

YEARBOOK: Yearbook is interested in knowing, and possibly showing, what you did over Winter Break.  If you have any photos to share, whether it is from a trip or an activity, or if it was you and Netflix snuggled up keeping warm, please share!  Yearbook is also interested in possibly showing fun, interesting, but appropriate screenshots from social media. What are your favorite memes?  Which groups, teams, companies, do you follow?   Share your photos and/or screenshots with Yearbook on the Yearbook Snap app,, or with Ms. Hsiao at  ~Ms. Hsiao-Frates

STARTING THE NEW YEAR WITH FITNESS IN MIND! Canyon PE invites you to the New Year Resolutions Group Plank Challenge: Accepting jpg uploads onto Google Classroom-class code-zvwam0- through January 19th, 2018.


−Two or more people in the group plank: family, friends, principals and assistant principals just to name a few!

−At least one point of contact with all of your plank group members.

−Upload jpg on to Google Classroom-class code-zvwam0- through January 19th, 2018.

−Turn in form found in the girls' or boys' locker room office or download form from Google Classroom.

−Extra bonus challenge for completing the back side of the plank challenge form-get the form to find out what the bonus challenge is.

Be Original and Happy Planking! ~Canyon P.E.

 DOODLE 4 GOOGLE CONTEST: This year marks the 10th annual Doodle 4 Google contest and the theme is "What Inspires Me." Reflect on what most inspires you by creating a unique, uplifting doodle using any medium (crayons, paint, silkscreen, wood, water color.....etc). Five finalists will go to Google's Mountain View headquarters, and one winning student from among the five will receive: * a $30,000  college scholarship and a behind the scenes experience with the Doodle team to transform your Doodle into an interactive experience that will launch by the end of 2018. Check out for the entry form and information.  Google Doodle Templates and Contest information can also be found on the Wall of Forms in the office. Did you know that the 2010 Google Doodle Winner was a 6th grader here at Canyon? Let's bring the Google Doodle back to Canyon this year. ~Ms. DeYoung

SAFETY REMINDER TO ALL STUDENTS: During lunchtime, you are to go to your locker during the first five and last five minutes of lunch only. The hallways are out of bounds and any students hanging out in those areas can and will receive lunchtime consequences.  Please make sure to stay in authorized areas during lunchtime - cafeteria, library, and the back for all grades, quad is open to 7/8th graders only.  Avoid lingering in hallways and any areas marked by closed off barricades. Thank you for helping to keep our campus safe! ~Administration

YOUTH TO YOUTH CONFERENCE: Save the Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018, Annual Youth to Youth Conference from 7:30am until 10pm at Castro Valley High School.  For information or to register, please click on the following link: ~Ms. Torrez