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Daily Bulletin for Students and Families




Canyon Middle School – Release Times for the Week of November 13, 2017
















Event                                                                         Time                            Place

ATTENTION ALL NEW STUDENTS THIS YEAR! There will be a New Student Lunch today at lunch in D-11. You should be receiving an orange invitation during your 1st period class. Come join the fun, see you there! ~Mrs. Souza, Ms. Acuna, and Ms. Fisher 

ATTENTION 6TH GRADERS: Join us today during lunch for the Diversity Club. We have a lot of students here at Canyon and we are all unique in many ways. The Diversity Club will brainstorm ways to celebrate the many cultures and identities represented here at Canyon. In the words of Ed Sheeran, "Let's all get together, we can all be free. Spread love and understanding, positivity." The meetings will take place in the Choir Room.  Classroom G-1 is in the music hallway behind the cafeteria. ~Ms. Burke 

MESSAGE REGARDING LUNCHTIME BASKETBALL:   Starting 11/9/17, all basketball games during lunch will be half court - no exceptions. ~Administration

6TH GRADERS: Come to the Trending Club this Friday, Nov. 17th, during lunch in Room A-3.  What’s trending?  Fluffy slime!  Look outside the door for the list of items to bring. ~Ms. Bantugan

ATTENTION STAR  WAR FANS: The Star Wars Canon and Beyond Club will be hosting Star Wars The Clone Wars Friday, Nov. 17,  in room F-4 during 7th/8th grade lunch.  Hope to see you there!  ~Mr. Marchese

COAT DRIVE: Donate gently used jackets and coats in all sizes to keep folks warm this winter! CVSAN's COAT DRIVE November 7th through Friday the 17th. Donation drop boxes in the office and the Library.  ~Ms. Conn, Library

INTERESTED IN BEING IN OUR WINTER TALENT SHOW? Auditions will take place after we get back from Thanksgiving Break using the following schedule:  

-Tuesday (11/28):  Instrumental Auditions

-Wednesday (11/29):  Miscellaneous Act Auditions

-Thursday (11/30):  Vocal Auditions (MUST have a music track to play without vocals)

-Monday (12/4):  Dance Auditions

All 6th Grade Auditions will be held in the Choir Room (G-2) and all 7/8th Grade Auditions will be held in D-11.  Please get there ASAP to guarantee an audition slot.  Hope to see you there!

~Ms. Hsu                               

CVHS FOOTBALL INFORMATIONAL MEETING: If any 8th grader is thinking about playing football next year at CVHS, there will be an informational meeting on 12/13 @12:15-12:35 during lunch in the gym. ~Mr. Nieves, Athletic Director

WE SCARE HUNGER - FINAL UPDATE: Condors - you have outdone yourselves! After our last collection date on Tuesday, we have over 5700 items to donate to Castro Valley families in need!  Almost every Advisory class reached at least one level of prizes too! Here's a list of Advisories by the highest levels reached - prizes will be awarded when we return after Thanksgiving Break.   

-Level S (Rewards Pass) - Alcaraz, Davidson, DeYoung, Franklin-Willis, Hierro, Koo, Ng, Pulanco, Yee

-Level SO (SOAR Store Item) - Chan, Christiansen, Misetich, Opena, Pinedo, Siefert, Sindel, Thomas

-Level SOA (Early-to-Lunch Pass) - Bantugan, Chinn, Davis, Deisenroth/Stone, Eastman, Fikse, Forbes, Nieves, Reyes, Roberts

-Level SOAR (Complimentary Frozen Yogurt) - Azevada/Goodwin, Bathke, Cole, Huemoeller, Lefkowitz, Moncrief, Morallos, Oettel, Office, Riordan, Stavropoulos, Steiner, Stickel, Zamora

Great job!  Way to SOAR!Thanks again, Canyon, for helping to scare hunger out of Castro Valley! ~Ms. She/Ms. Hsu

WRESTLING: If you are interested in joining the Canyon wrestling team this year there is a mandatory meeting on 12/4 in the cafeteria from 3:30-4:00!! ~Mr. Nieves

THE ZOO: Due to the remodel of the I-wing, the zoo will be temporarily closed until the move to the portables is complete. The zoo will re-open sometime in January after the move is complete.  ~Mr. L, Science Guy/Keeper of the Zoo                                                          

NEED ASSISTANCE SCOREKEEPING FOR 7/8TH GRADE GIRLS’ BASKETBALL GAMES: 7th and 8th grade Girls' Basketball games begin on Thursday, 11/9. If you are interested in helping with scorekeeping (either running the scoreboard or doing the book), we will need assistance for both 7th and 8th grade home games (8th grade plays first, at 4:00, then 7th grade plays at 5:15). League home games are scheduled for Thursday, 11/9; Wednesday, 11/15; Tuesday, 11/28; Tuesday, 12/12, and Wednesday, 12/13. Please see Mr. Christiansen or Ms. Shoptaw if you are interested. (Training is available)  ~Mr. Nieves

WRESTLING/SOCCER TRYOUTS: All students that would like to be on the wrestling team or tryout for boys and girls soccer must have a completed athletic locator online by 12/22. You cannot play or tryout if it is not complete! ~Mr. Nieves

JUNIOR INTERACT FOR 7/8th GRADERS: The second Junior Interact meeting will be held Tuesday, November 28th, from 3:15-4:15 in B-5. In Junior Interact, you can sign up for service events, participate in bonding activities, and come to different fundraisers. We have fundraisers at Milk and Cookie Bar, Chipotle, and there are ice skating nights as well! This is a GREAT opportunity to get involved in your community! ~Ms. Misetich and CVHS Interact Officers

CANYON STUDENTS: If you want to participate in the PE Thanksgiving Healthy Dessert Plank Challenge, please remember to pick up a flyer from the boys' or girls' locker room offices, or on the Canyon PE Google Classroom page. Check with your PE teacher to see if it is also posted on his/her website. Remember the rules: Find a healthy dessert; Balance your healthy dessert somewhere on your body while doing the plank. Think outside of the rectangular prism: hand, foot, back, head etc.; Name your plank based on your dessert, for example, The Apple Pie Plank; Have an adult take a picture of you doing the plank; Upload your picture to Google Classroom (Class code: zvwam0); Entries will be accepted through November 30. In order to get extra credit in your class, the flyer must be signed (by an adult) and returned to your PE teacher. If you have any questions, please check with your PE teacher. ~Ms. Shoptaw 

CANYON STUDENTS: If you have enjoyed Team Handball in PE class, you may be interested in attending the Youth California Cup 2017. This is a Middle School and High School Team Handball tournament (the teams are already set, so you would be a spectator). Team Handball is an Olympic Sport, but the USA is not a world leader--this youth league is trying to help change that! The High School Tournament will be on November 18 from 9:00am-6:30pm, and the Middle School Tournament will be on November 19 from 9:00am-5:30pm. Best of all, the tournament will be held at the Centerville Junior High School gym at 37720 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536. We are unsure if there is an entrance fee, but anticipate at least a small one. Enjoy the beginning of Thanksgiving Break with some well-played Team Handball! I'm offering extra credit for students who attend and write up a paragraph (with some type of program)--just FYI. ~Ms. Shoptaw

REMINDER ABOUT CELL PHONES: Please remember to turn off your cell phones and put them away in your backpack at the start of every day. Any student caught with their cellphone out (without staff approval) will have their cell phone confiscated and get a referral. Students may only use their phones before school in the cafeteria or out front, and they may use them anywhere after school. Keep SOARING Canyon! ~The SOAR Team

JUST A REMINDER: 6th grade Boys’ and Girls’ basketball tryouts are in December. ~Mr. Nieves

7/8th GRADE BOYS’ BASKETBALL TRYOUTS: 7th and 8th grade boys tryouts are on 1/9 3:30-5:00 and 1/10 2:30-4:00! You will not be allowed to tryout unless you have a completed athletic packet turned in and cleared ONLINE!! NO PAPER LOCATORS!!           Online locators are due no later than 12/22/17. ~Mr. Nieves

ATHLETES REPORT TO D-11 AFTER SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAYS: On Wednesdays all athletes now need to report to D-11 after school, not the cafeteria!  ~Mr. Nieves

TO ALL ATHLETES: Just a reminder - If you plan on playing any sport at Canyon for the rest of the year, you must have an electronic athletic packet completed online!! ~Mr. Nieves