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To access: Call (510) 538-8833 For Attendance: Press 1 For Assistant Principals: Press 3 For Counseling: Press 2 For the Operator: Press 0 To reach a specific person, dial their 4 digit extension listed below. You will be transferred to their voicemail.
Full Name: Click the Name to Email  Position: Room: Extension: Website:
Acuna, Marisaly 6th Grade Counselor D-3b 6133
Alcaraz, Kim Spanish/Exp.7 A-1 6139 Website
Alexander, Robert Wood/Creative Des. I-6 6104 Website
Azevada, Laurie 6th Grade A-12 6145 Website
Banaga,Cherrie English F-2 6167 Googlesites
Bathke, Mitch  8th ELA/Hist F-3 6166 Website
Burke, Katie Choir G-1 6152
Cao, Selina Math F-5 6172 Website
Chan, Bethany Math F-6 6169 Website
Chinn, LeeAnn ELL/English F-8 6170 Website
Christiansen, Matt PE Boys Lkr Rm 6121
Cohn, Sara RSP D-4 6123 Website
Cole, Karen 6th Grade A-13 6146
Dahms, Heidi Orchestra G-2 6151
Davidson, Lynette Math F-4/I-3 6168/6101 Website
Davis, Dione SDC H-5 6157 Website
Deisenroth, Mary History F-1 6165 Website
DeYoung, Diane Art H-4 6153 Website
Eastman, Kevin 6th Grade A-2 6185 Website
Emmons, Chrissy History/AVID D-7 6124 Website
Enstrom, Suzanne 6th Grade A-5 6186 Website
Fikse, Julie Read 180/8th Grade English B-7 6114 Website
Fisher, Julie 7th Grade Counselor D-3a 6134 Website
Forbes, KJ VJ/History D-8 6118 Website
Franklin-Willis, Wendy Science H-9 6163 Website
Gerasimov, Alysen 6th Grade A-3 6184 Website
Gershwin, Andrea History B-3 6107 Website
Giles, Martin Hist/AVID I-7 6194 Website
Goodwin, Alexandra 6th Grade A-12 6145 Website
Hierro, John Math F-7 6173 Website
Hixon, Chris 6th Grade/Drama B-5 6106
Hsiao-Frates, Sandy Yearbook/Science/English H-9 6163 Website
Hsu, Effie Leadership/Math F-10 6171 Googlesites
Huemoeller, Kathy 6th Grade A-4 6187 Website
Kalvass, Megan Eng/ELL B-1 6119 Website
Kellner, Eric Science H-8 6161 Website
Koo, Michelle SDC B-10 6115 Website
Lawrence, Kirk Science H-10 6164 Website
Lefkowitz, Rob Science I-5 6102 Website
Maidlow, Mark Science H-7 6158
Mainarick, Sherrie PE Girls Lkr Rm 6120 Website
Marchese, Dominic Math  F-4 6168 Website
Misetich, Amanda 6th Grade C-1 6128 Website
Moncrief, Damian PE Boys Lkr Rm 6121
Morallos, Dorothy 6th Grade Math/Science A-4 6187 Website
Ng, Bonnie Math  F-9 6174 Googlesites
Nguyen, Diane SDC/Special Ed H-3 6154
Oettel Liz 6th Grade B-12 6111 Website
Olson, Kelsey A-9 6th  6141 Website
Orluck, Jason PE Boys Lkr Rm 6121
Pisciotto, Alisa 6th Grade A-8 6140 Website
Pulanco, Carol Science H-1 6155
Reyes, Richard SDC/Special Ed H-6 6156 Website
Shen, Kate Leadership/English I-1 6100 Website
Shilling, Andrea RSP D-10/D-6 6109/6125 Website
Shoptaw, Shauna PE Girls Lkr Rm 6120 Website
Siefert, Jean English B-4 6110 Website
Sindel, Jacquae PE Girls Lkr Rm 6120 Website
Souza, Lucy 7th Grade Counselor F-3a 6005 Website
Stavropoulos, Tony English H-6 6162 Website
Steiner, Rhonda 6th Grade B-8 6112 Website
Stickel, Kate History B-6 6105 Website
Thomas, Janet 6th Grade A-10 6143 Website
Weakley, Irene RSP D-10 6108/6125 Website
Yee, Melissa Eng/Computers D-1 / C-1 6135/6128 Website
Zamora, Carina Band G-2 6151 Website