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PLTW: Project lead the Way Engineering

Engineering - Project Lead the Way Pathway


Engineering - Project Lead the Way Pathway, is a unique four year program which provides students with the foundational knowledge necessary for post-secondary studies and careers in engineering. Pathway students are grouped into cohorts through their English and PLTW classes which allows teachers to design engineering-focused lessons, assignments, and field-trips; as well as internship opportunities. In our dedicated PLTW computer lab and engineering workshop, students in this pathway will be exposed to technology and equipment used in top companies including CAD and Autodesk software, CNC milling machines, 3D printers, 3D laser scanners, engravers, robotic arms and more.  Additionally, PLTW students can take the AutoCAD certification test and can apply for college credit for some of their PLTW course work.   For 2017-8 all students can sign up for Introduction to Engineering Design.


PLTW Pathway Goals

1)   Foster highly transferable skills in collaboration, communication, and critical thinking which are relevant for any coursework and career.


2)   Prepare students to apply engineering, science, math, and technology to solve complex, open-ended problems in a real world context.


3)   Expose students to tools, practices, requirements and certification for careers and post-secondary study in engineering or related fields.


Required Courses


The classes below are required to be in PLTW. They should be taken in conjunction with all CVHS graduation requirements including math, science, physical education and world language. 9th and 10th Grade have option of 7th period for World Language.



9th Grade

10th Grade

Introduction to Engineering Design* Biology

Freshman English

Principles of Engineering** Sophomore English/Adv Soph English Chemistry or Honors Chemistry

11th Grade

12th Grade

Computer Integrated Manufacturing***

Civil Engineering & Architecture***

* Opportunity to get Industry recognized CAD Certification

**Taking the first 2 years of this program = 2 units of college credit.

***Courses to be finalized in spring 2107


Future Engineering Careers

Mechanical Engineer Chemical


Civil Engineer


Robotics Engineer


Electrical Engineer Aerospace


Computer Engineer