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Drama, Art & Design Academy


The Drama, Art and Design Academy (DADA) is a small learning community dedicated to providing students with a curricular program which allows them to explore the fields of dramatic and visual arts.  DADA students are grouped into cohorts through their Arts and English classes. Using this collaborative coring approach, DADA teachers design cross-curricular lessons, arts-focused assignments, and arts field-trips to form the backbone of the DADA program.  It is our intention that these experiences inspire students to achieve highly in all fields of study and to mature academically, artistically and personally.  DADA students’ shared experiences help create a tightly-knit community of students who regularly support each other both in and out of class.


DADA is one of the few ways for a student to take four full years of drama or art while on a college track at CVHS. Drama, Art and Design Academy students take structured sequences of courses in English and the Arts.  This means that students in DADA are not currently able to take AP or honors courses for their English classes.  They are also expected to take a specified dramatic or visual art elective each year. While this presents some limitations to the course options for the DADA student, it is to the benefit of the student community as a whole; it allows the students to build community and support for each other. This facilitates the multitude of rich, unique experiences DADA students share, allowing for a small community to grow where drama and art can be imbued into the curriculum across multiple subject areas. Students who are unwilling to take the prescribed course schedule should not enroll in DADA.


Upon completion of the DADA program and graduation from CVHS, DADA students are prepared to continue their arts studies at the post-secondary level or pursue professional training that will enable them to enter a variety of theatre or art related occupational fields.


Course Sequence For DADA



Freshman (9th)

Sophomore (10th)

DADA Class Choices

Beg Theatre or Beg Studio Art*

Intermediate Theatre, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Sculpture or Figure and Fashion Illustration*


Current Level of Math

Current Level of Math



Chemistry or other science


Freshman English*

Sophomore English*

Social Studies

CCG / Health

Modern World History*




World Language**

Year 1 or higher if needed

Year 2 or higher if needed



Junior (11th)

Senior (12th)

DADA Class Choices

Advanced Theatre, Advanced

Graphic Design, or Advanced

Studio Art*

Advanced Theatre, Tech Theatre, Advanced Graphic Design, Advanced

Studio Art, or AP Studio Art*


Current Level of Math or Elective

Current Level of Math or Elective


Science or Elective

Science or Elective


American Literature*


Social Studies

US History

US Government / Economics


World Language or Other Elective

World Language or Other Elective


*Indicates required courses within the pathway cohort. Students must take these courses to enroll in DADA.

**Students wishing to take World Language in 9th/10th grades to meet UC/CSU requirement will take 7 courses including a zero period.


Potential Careers Related to DADA:

Arts Education

Visual Media Producer

Fashion Designer

Film and Television

Graphic Artist/Designer

Packaging Designer

Web Page Designer


Video Game Designer


Interior Designer


Photographer/Photo Editor

Art Director

Interactive Artist


Lighting Designer



Scenic Painter

Special Effects Designer

Stage Manager

Sound Designer

Artistic Director


Stage Crew

Technical Director

Museum/Gallery Curator