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Enrollment for the Feb. 2019 Washington, DC Trip Has Begun!

CV in DC

Close Up trip to Washington, DC

"CV in DC" Close Up in Washington enrollment for this year's trip has begun! Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Social Studies Department is very proud to have made it possible for CVHS students to attend the Close Up Foundation’s week-long study program for about 40 years! This annual school trip is available to sophomores, juniors and seniors (and, in special circumstances, mature freshmen may also attend).

This is not a sightseeing tour, though; it is a week of learning in our nation’s capital. Your students, along with hundreds of students from across the United States who will be joining them on the same program, will participate in activities that engage them in history, politics, and current issues. The program promotes learning about active citizenship while building relationships with those new friends. Students can even choose to earn college credit for their work (an extra fee and an extra assignment apply).

Check out the CV in DC video to hear students talk about the trip and to learn more about the week. Then read below.


The trip is a study trip to Washington, D.C. that will take place February 9-16, 2019 (Saturday to Saturday). The official Close Up Foundation program runs from February 10-15, so we will have extra time in DC before and after the program.

For the CVHS-only days, students will room with three other CVHS students. We will have our own schedule and mostly stay together as a school group on those days, with a few options during certain time periods for students to experience museums of their choice as long as they do so with a buddy.

Once the Close Up Foundation’s program begins, students will be with their Close-Up program instructors for most of the time; part of the cost of the trip is tuition to these instructors. During those days, each student will room with one other student from our school and with two students from another school from another part of the country. Students will be assigned workshop groups with their roommates and 12-16 other students in our hotel. They will attend seminars and workshops, meet with our members of Congress, visit memorials and monuments, and see exhibits in world-renowned museums. Students will be busy all day and evening and there will be lots of walking. Students will be expected to be active participants in the learning process for the entire time. There will also be some social events, including a dance and an outdoor ice skating excursion at night.


Students who have never been to DC return home with an appreciation for our government and our history and with a greater understanding of their own opinions about national issues. Students who have previously visited DC and have returned on the Close-Up trip have spoken of the remarkable differences in their experiences. With rare exception, all students attest to the impact of this program on their educational paths and personal development. Many students who attend this trip often express their desire to participate again the following year, and a number of students have indeed attended the program twice.


In order to decide whether or not this trip will take place, we assess participation interest and the amount of financial support necessary to ensure student participation. The Social Studies Department is given no money from the school nor the district to support this excursion. With that in mind, there will be fundraising opportunities to help offset expenses.


The per-student cost of the trip is $2150. This covers most expenses: airfare, luggage fees, hotel, meals, tuition, transportation in and around the Washington, DC area, and much more. Students will only be responsible for their own meals while in transit to Washington (breakfast and lunch).

At least $1650 should be on account for each student by December 4, 2018 and all funds received no later than December 18. Contributions can be made with check or credit card through the online web store or with cash, check, or a credit card in the Finance Office. Contributions are usually eligible for most matching donations programs offered by many employers, sometimes effectively cutting the cost of the trip in half. Check with your employer for more info.

The Close Up Foundation offers a partial scholarship, based on financial need. The application, available by request, must have been submitted no later than September 11 for consideration. No student will be denied participation due to lack of funds.

Contributions are nonrefundable unless the trip is determined to not be viable. That determination will largely be based on the number of student participants, along with other factors. Final determination for the trip’s viability will be made by November 27. The recommended contribution schedule is as follows:

Sept. 18: $550 Oct. 16: $550 Nov. 13: $550 Dec. 18: $500

We will be participating in several fundraising activities. Those funds will be used to pay for additional trip expenses while in Washington as well as support students who need financial assistance.

Click here for general program information. You can also view the Close Up Foundation's video by clicking here.

Please email me ( if you have any questions and write “Close Up” in the subject line.

Click HERE to access CLOSE UP Webpage