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Parking Information Page


Due to the large number of students being dropped off at or picked up from Castro Valley High School and other parking issues, some rules for parking have been implemented and will be enforced.


  • Drop off or pick up ONLY along curb on Santa Maria in front of the school.  Students MAY NOT be dropped off /picked up in the Santa Maria staff parking area between the hours of 7:00 am to 3:45 pm.
  • Drop off or pick up along curb on Mabel Avenue ONLY.  No drop off or pick up in the Staff/Senior parking lot on Mabel.  Mabel turnaround is for buses ONLY.



"Dear Castro Valley High School Parents and Students,

Beginning Monday, August 29th, 2016 we will begin enforcing our updated on-campus parking policy for students, parents, and visitors. If you have a student that is driving and is parking on campus, then he or she must obtain a parking permit. If your student purchases a parking permit, they will have a specific and numbered space assigned to them. If the assigned space is in use by an unknown individual, your student can make a report as stated in the parking notification they received along with their parking pass. Once parking permits are sold out we will not issue any more for the remainder of the school year. Not all seniors will get a spot and no juniors will be able to park on campus. We are aware that street parking is difficult, but we simply do not have the space to accommodate all students. Thank you for your understanding. 

Be advised that students who fail to purchase a parking pass and park on campus will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. After 4:00pm, all student spots not designated as handicapped return to general use.

Parents, when visiting campus during school hours please park in the designated visitors parking spots to avoid being towed. We have added 15 visitor spots this year to better accommodate you. All numbered spots on campus are reserved during school hours! Please see the attached map- it shows designated visitor's parking.

We appreciate your help to make parking at Castro Valley High School better for everyone!!!

CVHS Administration "

Updated: 10/03/16

Additional Parking Information