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Curriculum & Instruction

The Educational Services Department strives to provide comprehensive district-wide services to support student learning. This includes providing rigorous curriculum, instruction, and support to both students and staff to meet the requirements of the California State Standards for Literacy and Mathematics (Common Core), as well as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Educational Services supports program development, curriculum and materials adoption, and implementation in the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History Social Science, the Arts, Physical Education, World Languages, Career Technical Education (CTE), and English Language Development (ELD). Our educational programs offer a comprehensive and balanced curriculum and provides both enrichment and supports to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

For more information contact Carmen Fischer at (510) 537-3000 ext. 1262

Transitional Kindergarten

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TK-5 Curriculum

English Language Arts

Castro Valley Unified School District utilizes a balanced, comprehensive literacy approach to ensure “high-quality good first instruction” in English-Language Arts. In order to prepare students for college, career, and a lifetime of learning, teachers use the district’s comprehensive instructional framework and research-based instructional strategies to foster independence, flexible thinking and proficiency in grade-level standards. Students collaborate with diverse peers around engaging and authentic curriculum aligned to the California Standards in English-Language Arts, becoming effective communicators who are reflective, critical, and strategic readers and writers.

TK-5 ELA Instructional Materials List


Castro Valley Unified School District ensures that all students have access to and support in rigorous and advanced classes offering high-quality first instruction in mathematics. Math instruction is rooted in the Standards for Mathematical Practices and the California Standards in Mathematics, emphasizing conceptual understanding, procedural skill,  fluency and a growth mindset in math. Teachers utilize core instructional materials as the foundational tools that support effective math instruction, while also supplementing if needed, in order to meet the needs of individual students.

TK-5 Mathematics Instructional Materials List

Castro Valley Virtual Academy

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Tri-Valley Teacher Induction Project - BTSA

TV-TIP Website

CTE Perkins

Perkins E1 Data