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About Annual Notifications for Parents & Students

Annual Parent Notifications:

The Castro Valley Unified School District provides Annual Parent Notifications, in accordance with California Education Code section 48980, at the beginning of each school year, the Board of Education of each school district must notify parents/guardians of their rights or responsibilities under certain provisions of the Education Code. Other provisions of California and United States law also require notification of parents/guardians.

Annual Notice to Parents English

Annual Notice to Parents Spanish

Know Your Rights English / Spanish 


Important Board Policies

Bullying BP 5131.2

Bullying AR 5131.2       

Career Technical Education BP 6178    

Discipline AR 5144     

Identification And Evaluation Of Individuals For Special Education BP 6164.4    

Insurance BP 5143  

Integrated Pest Management Plan and Pesticide List

Nondiscrimination In District Programs And Activities BP 0410    

Nondiscrimination/Harassment BP 5145.3

Nondiscrimination/Harassment AR 5145.3

Research BP 6162.8    

Sexual Harassment AR 5145.7    

Student And Family Privacy Rights AR 5022    

Student Use Of Technology BP 6163.4

Student Use Of Technology E 6163.4

Suspension And Expulsion/Due Process AR 5144.1     

Uniform Complaint Procedures AR 1312.3      For more information on the complaint process, please visit