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Enrollment, Residency, Transfer & Registration Information

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Please note:  Many schools and grade levels are impacted by growth and students may not be able to attend their resident school.  School assignment will be confirmed upon completion of the enrollment process.


Our district enrollment process begins with an online enrollment application and concludes with submitting required documents to your resident school site, or to the district office during the summer.  Please review and follow the steps listed on the Enrollment Instructions (link below) and obtain all of the required residency and enrollment documents prior to scheduling an enrollment appointment.

Click HERE for Enrollment Instructions and Steps
Click HERE for Online Application


 Please Note:  Online enrollment will not "hold a spot" for your student in your neighborhood school, and your student will not be considered enrolled, until you have have submitted ALL required documents at the school site.  If you have any questions regarding the information needed to enroll your student, you may contact your school office.  

Many schools and grade levels are impacted by growth and students may not be able to attend their resident school.  School assignment will be confirmed upon completion of the enrollment process.


Residency verification must be completed for all TK, Kindergarten, and 1st through 12th Grade students who are NEW to the district, all continuing 6th grade and 9th grade students, and any family who moves throughout the year. Print and fill out the STATEMENT OF RESIDENCY FORM .  You must submit original documents. Online printouts of current bills with your name and address are also acceptable. Current bills are defined as no more than 2 months old. Post office box addresses will not be accepted. Incomplete residencies will not be accepted. Complete the residency verification at the school site.  

Shared Residency:  Shared Residency is when a parent is residing with another district resident seven days a week. Both parties must be present during their residency verification.  Print and complete the Shared Statement of Residency form (links below). The parent/guardian will need to provide two (2) bills proving his/her residency at this address. These items may include phone bill, cable bill, credit card bill, vehicle insurance, payroll stub with name and address, etc.. The parent/guardian's California Driver's License will also be required for identification purposes. The Homeowner/Renter the parent is living with, will need to provide his/her PG&E bill, another bill (e.g. EBMUD, Waste Mgmt. DMV, or telephone), and his/her California Driver's License. A Shared Residency must be renewed every school year.

SHARED RESIDENCY FORMS: English, Spanish, Chinese

Contact your School Site, or the Student Services Department at 510-537-3000, ext. 1209, for information and the forms required for CAREGIVER AFFIDAVITS and McKINNEY-VENTO HOMELESS AFFIDAVITS. These type of residencies MUST BE RENEWED prior to the start of each school year. 


Click HERE for information regarding Intra-District Transfer Requests (for transfers from one CVUSD school to another within CVUSD) OR Inter-District Transfer Requests (for requests to CVUSD from another school district or from CVUSD to another school district)


Parent/guardian is required to re-register student(s) each school year through their Parent Portal Account. Access for re-registration on the parent portal opens August 1st.  Prior to participation in Walk Through Registration, parent/guardian must log into the parent account and update student contact information, review important documents, complete and print the required district and school site forms. Submit the required forms to the school on your assigned Walk Through Registration day. Refer to individual school websites for the specific Walk Through Registration dates and times.  If you are new and have not yet received your student's ID number or verification code (information needed to set up the parent portal account), please contact the school site when staff returns from summer break, on or around the second week of August.

NOTE: If you are a continuing CVUSD student transferring to 9th grade at CVHS, or to 6th grade at Canyon or Creekside, your Castro Valley address must be verified prior to Walk Through Registration. ALL Caregiver Affidavits, McKinney-Vento Homeless Affidavits and Shared residencies MUST be renewed each school year for all grade levels.