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Vision Statement

Anyone entering Independent Elementary School will be struck by the energy and friendliness of the campus. Students arrive eager to learn, teachers are smiling, and the support staff is gracious and helpful. One can see from the interactions that openness abounds. Trust and communication are not simply words, but a daily practice. Teachers and administration work together with the extended school community for the benefit of all our students.

Our commitment to our students is immediately evident by a well-maintained environment with clean classrooms and restrooms. Students take pride in their accomplishments and artifacts of their work are displayed throughout the campus and in every classroom.

Students and staff are regularly recognized for their accomplishments. Students are supported through challenges as teachers and parents collaborate to maintain a school culture designed for success. No problem is insurmountable as staff members share effective strategies with each other; parents, teachers, and the principal work together toward problem resolution.

Members of the Independent School community take an active role in school functions and play an integral part in students’ learning, both in and out of the classroom. Many opportunities are available for community building and keeping open lines of communication.

Compassion is evident as both adults and children treat each other with respect and, as a result, behavior issues are minimal. The caring atmosphere nurtures students’ academic and social growth and creates an environment where learning thrives.

All of our students are achieving at the proficient/advanced level. Teachers plan their standards-based curriculum in response to individual student needs, ongoing assessment results, and successful research-proven instructional strategies. Academic interventions are based upon a pre-teach rather than a re-teach model. All assignments and classroom activities are purposeful, meaningful, and instructive. Students know what they are learning and why they are learning.

Our commitment to educational excellence is further demonstrated by exemplary technology integration. Students and teachers use computers in the classroom as well as in our state-of-the-art computer lab to extend instruction, and support teaching and learning.

Students leave Independent Elementary School looking back with fondness at the memories of their time here, and looking forward with excitement and confidence to the opportunities and challenges they will face in their continued education and throughout their lives.