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Attendance Information

Reporting Absences Procedure

Please report all absences immediately.  Please call our attendance line at (510) 537.9558 ext 4860 to report an absence the same day of the absence.  When prompted please leave a message stating:

  1. Your child’s name,
  2. Teacher’s name and Room #
  3. Date of absence
  4. Reason for absence
  5. Who is calling

If your child attends Adventure Time, please let them know as well at (510) 733-9134.

Absence Policy:

Every day a child is absent from school a parent/guardian must verify the absence within 48 hours by calling the Attendance office voicemail at (510) 537-9558 x4860.

A written verification signed by a parent/guardian may also be used to report absences to the attendance office.

Education Code section 48260 – Any pupil subject to full time education or compulsory education who is absent from school and/or Tardy in an excess of 30 minutes or more without valid excuse for 3 or more days in one school year is truant and shall be reported to the attendance supervisor or the superintendent of the school district.

Excused absences:

  1. Illness/medical verified within 48 hours by parent/guardian (e.g., personal illness, injury, medical/dental/optometry appointment) Absences due to illness that are more than 3 days should be verified by a doctor note)
  2. Bereavement verified within 48 hours by parent/guardian (e.g., funeral service – immediate family member)
  3. Prior approval from principal/designee (e.g., religious holiday, family emergency, extended bereavement, court appearance)

Unexcused Absences:

  1. Parent/guardian notifies school of absence not allowable by law (e.g., vacation, work, oversleeping, visiting relatives, traffic/car problems, take your child to work day, failure to leave reason for absence)
  2. School directed exclusion (e.g., suspension, lack of immunization)
  3. Absence verified by parent/guardian after 48 time limit.

Picking up a Student Early:

If you are picking up a student during the day be sure to come to the Office first and sign our Early Release Book. It really helps if you send a note with your child for his/her teacher, too. Then the child can be all ready to go when you arrive.

When Should You Keep Your Sick Child Home?

Your child will enjoy school and be better able to learn if he/she is well. It is important that children who are contagious remain at home.

Please review our Health Flyer for Parents for helpful information and guidance on when your child should be kept home due to illness.

Please keep your child home if he/she has any of the following:

  1. A runny nose when the mucus is thick and green or yellow
  2. Cough or congestion that interferes with breathing and/or if wheezing
  3. A rash of unknown origin or contagious rash requires a certificate from physician stating the student may return to school
  4. A fever over 100 degrees-must be fever free for 24 hours to return to school
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Vomiting
  7. Severe headache
  8. A bacterial infection. Please ask your physician for an “ok” to return to school slip. Please notify the attendance office of the illness as soon as the doctor confirms the diagnosis.
  9. Any open wound or boil. The student will be excluded until the wound is dry and/or covered with a dressing and/or has physician’s clearance

The only medication a child can carry with written permission from both doctor and parent is an inhaler and aero-chamber for asthma and an epi-pen for severe allergic reactions. The letter must state that the student is capable of knowing when and how to use the medication. If you have any questions please contact the district nurse at (510) 537-3000 ext. 1254.


Students are expected to be in their seats by the second bell at 8:10am (Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten times may vary).

You will be notified if you child accumulates unexcused absences and/or tardies. Should your child accumulate unexcused absences and/or tardies in the excess of the state guidelines, you will receive a letter identifying your child as truant. A copy of this letter will go into your child’s school records and a copy will be sent to Pupil Services at the District Office. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call the attendance office.

Medical/Dental Appointments:

If arriving after school has started, students are to go to the office with a note from the Doctor/Dentist to excuse the tardy.

Independent Study Contracts:

In order to maximize student achievement and social/emotional growth and accordance with California Education Code, it is expected that students will attend school every day. However, family situations do arise which necessitate emergency travel. When these rare situations arise, families may arrange a short Term Independent Study Contract with the school. These contracts are appropriate for unavoidable emergency absence of no fewer than 5 consecutive school days. Independent study for family vacations or leisure travel that can occur during school breaks is strongly discouraged, since independent study cannot replicate the classroom instructional experience.

A Short Term Independent Study Contract must be submitted to the main office or attendance office, signed by parent/guardian 10 school days prior to the absence. The contract must include the dates of absences, return to school date, and reason for the request. The absence duration should be as brief as possible, as absences of more than a few days will negatively impact student learning. All requests must be approved by site administration. Parents should pick up assigned work on the last day of attendance prior to the trip. Once the student returns to school, all completed work must be turned into the Office before the student returns to class. If the student does not complete all assigned work, future requests may be denied. Independent Study contracts at the end of the school year must be completed no later than fifteen school days prior to the last day of school. Independent Study contracts cannot be established during the first 10 days of the school year.

Note: If a student on an IEP is requesting a Short Term Independent Study Contract, the Program Specialist must be notified immediately so that appropriate IEP documentation can be determined.