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Staff Directory

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Job: Room: Extension: Website:
Christmas, Tracie Principal Office X4300
Markovich, Tina Main secretary Office X4300
Burt, Annette Attendance Comp Lab X4362
Byrne, Bonnie Cafeteria Lead Cafeteria x4366
Leong, Kara Intervention 19 X4319 Website
RSP teacher 4 X4364
Psychologist 27 X4327
Spch & Lang 2 X4302
Counselor 27 X4327

Classroom Teachers

Name Grade Room Ext/VMBox Website
Kinder. 1 X4301 Website
Kinder. 6 X4306 Website
Kinder. 7 X4307 Website
Brown, Debbie 1st 9 X4309
1st 11 X4311
1st 8 X4308

2nd 10 X4310 Website
2nd 12 X4312 Website
2nd 13 X4313 Website
K-2 SDC 5 X4305
3rd 24 X4324 Website
3rd 22 X4322 Website
3rd 21 X4321 Website
Kikes-Avery, Nicki 3rd/4th/5th  SDC 25 X4325
Flannery, Tera 4th 14 X4314 Website
4th 23 X4323 Website
4th 15 X4315
5th 29 X4329
5th 17 X4317
5th 16 X4316
PE 16 X4368
PE 16 X4368
Reynes, Charles Science 28 X9100