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Letter from Superintendent

Dear Families,

The recent school tragedy in Florida has understandably promoted emotions and motivated further engagement about safety in communities. In response to calls to action and possible walkouts on March 14th and April 20th, promoted by various organizations and groups, we want to assure you that our number one goal is the safety of our students at all times and supporting their learning in school.

We fully respect everyone’s right to free speech and are confident that our students will make good choices in expressing their opinions while learning in school. School administrators are working diligently to develop a list of alternative activities and opportunities to accommodate student interest in sharing their opinions and ideas that allow students to do so without impacting instructional time. As always, our teachers, staff and administrators work collaboratively to provide the best learning opportunities for students and encourage them to be responsible, engaged human beings, positively impacting the world.

If you have specific questions, please contact your school site directly.


Superintendent Ahmadi

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