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A California Distinguished and Blue Ribbon School


Friday Flag Report ~ April 24th, 2015

Every day at Palomares students can be caught being good when they are doing something that goes above and beyond normal school expectations. On Friday of each week, one student who gets “caught” will be randomly drawn from each grade level. These students will get to have a picnic with the principal at the end of the month and their picture will be put up on the Palomares school bulletin board for everyone on campus to see.

Look who got Caught Being Good this week!


Cooper was caught for doing a fabulous job in class.

Gabby was caught for helping a classmate during reading.

Luna was caught for finding a baseball glove and bringing it to the lost and found.

Lucas was caught for making good decisions about how to play.

Zeus was caught for volunteering to help move the computer cart.

Danny was caught for finding lost hearing aids.


Grade 3-Kaelyn

Grade 5- Alexia

Congratulations to Mrs. Chidester, our Palomares Teacher of the Year!

We at Palomares have been fortunate to have Sandy Chidester as our Kindergarten teacher for the last 5 years. There are many reasons why she is deserving of this award. Sandy has something that great teachers possess… the ability to make every student feel good about themselves, and confident in their abilities. She is an amazing teacher in all areas, and she creates an incredible learning environment in her Palomares classroom where students feel safe and respected. She individualizes experiences and makes them personal for every student in her care. Time and time again, Sandy has demonstrated her teamwork and flexibility, which are crucial qualities for a teacher at such a small school. Sandy wears many hats as part of our Palomares team, and being an amazing teacher is only one of them. She is a member of the CCF Literacy team and leads RtI groups for older students are other ways she contributes. Poet Mark Van Doren said it best, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”  To see Sandy guide her students into discovering the world around them is truly a joy.  It is our pleasure (as her teaching family at Palomares) to honor Sandy Chidester as our Teacher of the Year.


Apr. 25: Campus Beautification Day (9:00-12:00 P.M.)

Apr. 27-May 1: SBAC Testing - Gr. 3

Apr. 28: Tour Guide Training (2:35-3:30 P.M.)Apr. 29: Junior Naturalists (2:35-3:30 P.M.)

May 4-8: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 8: Learning Plans Go Home

May 11: ABC Countdown Begins

May 15: Watershed Festival

May 20:  Kindergarten Orientation (2:00 P.M.)

May 20: PPTC Meeting (6:00-7:00 P. M.)

May 22: Student Council Spirit Day- Jersey Day

May 25: No School: Memorial Day

May 29: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast (7:45 A.M.)

Jun 5: Family Campout/Talent Show

Jun 8: Awards Assembly (10:30 A.M.)

Jun 15: Fifth Grade Advancement (8:30 A.M.)

Jun 16: Kindergarten Advancement (8:10-9:00 A.M.)

Jun 16: Last Day/Report Cards Go Home/Zany Carnival (Early Dismissal 1:35 P. M.)



Upcoming Events
SBAC Testing Apr 20, 2015 to May 14, 2015
Tour Guide Training Apr 28, 2015 from 2:35 PM to 3:30 PM
Teacher Appreciation Week May 4, 2015 to May 8, 2015
Tour Guide Training May 5, 2015 from 2:35 PM to 3:30 PM
Learning Plans Go Home May 8, 2015
Upcoming events…