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A California Distinguished and Blue Ribbon School


Friday Flag Report ~ May 22nd, 2015

Every day at Palomares students can be caught being good when they are doing something that goes above and beyond normal school expectations. On Friday of each week, one student who gets “caught” will be randomly drawn from each grade level. These students will get to have a picnic with the principal at the end of the month and their picture will be put up on the Palomares school bulletin board for everyone on campus to see.

Look who got Caught Being Good this week!


Isla was caught for being a super speller!

Luke was caught for demonstrating good manners.

Chris was caught for being easy on younger soccer players.

Makiah was caught for cleaning up the library.

Vanessa was caught for excellent group work.

Christiana was caught for being polite and showing good manners.

We are pleased to share that Palomares Elementary School has been certified as a

Green Ribbon School for 2014-2015! With an 80% diversion rate (materials diverted from landfill based on WMAC service levels), garbage generation of 2 cubic yards per week, and the completion of 44 Green Ribbon activities, our school exceeded the minimum requirements need for certification!

Thank you to Castro Valley Sanitary District for the donation of $1,740 and the new Green Ribbon banner for display!


May 25: No School: Memorial Day

May 29: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast (7:45 A.M.)

May 29: Site Council Meeting (2:00 P.M.)

Jun 5: Track Meet at CVHS (3:45-6:30 P.M.)

Jun 5: Family Campout (4:00 P.M.- Tent Set Up)/Talent Show (7:15 P.M.)

Jun 8: Awards Assembly (10:30 A.M.)

Jun 9: Creekside Choir Performs at Palomares (10:45 A.M.)

Jun 10: Gr. 4/5 Music Concert (10:20 A.M.)

Jun 10: Track Meet- CVHS (3:45-6:30 P. M.)

Jun 11: Fifth Grade Field Trip to Silliman Center

Jun 15: Fifth Grade Advancement (8:30 A.M.)

Jun 16: Kindergarten Advancement (8:10-9:00 A.M.)

Jun 16: Last Day/Report Cards Go Home/Zany Carnival (Early Dismissal 12:00 P. M.)