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Wellness Services

The Castro Valley Unified School District Health Services Department is responsible for the wellness needs of the students in the district. Our two district nurses are licensed Registered Nurses who hold Health Service Credentials and are also Masters Degree prepared. One holds a subspecialty in Public Health Nursing, while the other is a Family Nurse Practitioner. Our school nurses are uniquely qualified in the preventative health, health assessment, and referral procedures for students within the school setting. They are in the position to strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of children.

CVUSD also has two Health Service Assistants who work directly with the credentialed school nurses. One works in the health office at Castro Valley High School and the other is itinerant. They complete a variety of tasks that require training and indirect supervision; they are CPR and First Aid trained. At the elementary level, the site secretaries who are CPR and First Aid trained, provide direct first aid and call the district nurses when situations warrant. In the middle schools we also have clerks that cover the health offices that are CPR and First Aid trained, and also call the district nurses when situations warrant clinical expertise.

Parents can help in the success of their children during the school day by communicating with the school any health related barriers which may affect their child's ability to learn. A parent can call the school site and ask for the nurse's cell phone number if their student is newly diagnosed and needing nursing assistance during the school day. By identifying health related barriers to learning and offering assistance, students are better able to perform to the best of their ability. By working together with the student, family, physician, teacher, and the support staff at the school, our credentialed school nurses are valued members of our educational team.




District Nurses:

Nora P. Crans
Cell: (510) 760-3135
Email Nora Crans

Sandee Velasquez
(510) 537-5910 ext. 3813
Cell: (510) 755.0103
Email Sandee Velasquez