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School Information

Information about Proctor

Community & School Profile

Proctor Elementary School is located in Castro Valley, a beautiful community of rolling hills and canyons with mild winters and pleasant summers. Across the bay from San Francisco and just south of the city Oakland, Castro Valley is a growing and a richly diverse community with neighborly appeal. There is an extremely strong sense of partnership between staff and community that characterizes the culture at Proctor School. The community has a tradition of high expectations, involvement, and interest in its elementary school. Enrollment at Proctor is sought after due in large part to Proctor’s excellent reputation.

Class Size

Proctor Elementary School maintains an average pupil-to-teacher ratio of 25:1 for grades K-3 and 33:1 for grades 4-5. The State of California has released funding penalties on the K-3 Class Size Reduction (CSR) program.  This temporary relief expires on June 30, 2012.  CSR was initially implemented at Proctor Elementary School in 1996.

Combination Classes

Due to the fact that grade levels of students do not come in exact numbers of 25 and 33, we have to create combination classes  A combination class takes students from two different grade levels and puts them in the same classroom. This year we will have two combination classes, a 1st-2nd grade class and 4th-5th class. Both curriculums of each grade level are fully covered and each student is equally prepared for the next grade level as students not in a combination class.  

Teachers in combination classes work in small group settings with each grade level while the other grade works on assigned independent learning activities. At times, the grades may work together on some areas and projects. An example of this may be certain extra classes, such as library instruction, be held together with both grade levels working together.  

Combination classes are not an accelerated class for our younger students or a remedial class for the older students. All students will receive instruction at their own grade level. One important characteristic for students in a combination class, is that the students can work independently, and in a self directed way. This does not have to do with achievement level, rather with a student’s working style. Your child has been identified as one that can be successful when working independently.