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Welcome to Redwood High School

Redwood High School provides a WASC accredited alternative educational opportunity for the students of Castro Valley. Redwood is an alternative to large traditional high schools that offers students small class size, individual attention, and options for earning a high school diploma. We provide a school environment where students receive individualized attention and develop a sense of community. Our program is designed to assist students in earning a high school diploma and being college and career ready with 21 century skills. Redwood's program offers students the chance to overcome academic and/or social challenges and experience success in school. The program is designed to allow students the opportunity to make up academic and credit deficiencies in an accelerated manner. The goal of the program is for each student to graduate with a high school diploma and be prepared for life beyond high school.

*Redwood’s MANDATORY Graduation Rehearsal – Thursday, June 11th, at 4:00pm at CFA.

*Students will receive FIVE (5) tickets after they attend the full rehearsal.  Upon request, an additional 1-2 tickets may be available per student.

*STUDENTS arrive at Redwood’s Graduation – Friday, June 12th, at the CFA NO LATER than 4:00pm.  The ceremony starts at 4:30pm.


Redwood High School

18400 Clifton Way, Castro Valley, CA 94546