Census 2020

Census 2020 is April 1st!!!
Did you know that a big way our community gets money for child and family programs is by participating in the U.S. Census. The state and federal government uses census information to fund programs like child care, free and low-cost school lunches, and Medi-Cal. Responding to the Census helps communities get the funding they need and helps businesses make data-driven decisions that grow the economy. Census data impact our daily lives, informing important decisions about funding for health care, senior centers, jobs, political representation, roads, schools, and businesses. California receives more than $115 billion every year based on census data. It is estimated about one million kids under age 5 in the United States were not counted in the last census. Everyone must be counted in the census so that these valuable resources aren't lost. 

CVUSD Board of Education Approves Resolution
in Support of the U.S. Census 2020

At the October 10, 2019 Board Meeting the Castro Valley Unified School District Board of Education adopted Resolution 28 - 19/20, which recognizes the importance of the 2020 U.S. Census and supports helping to ensure a complete, fair, and accurate count of all Californians. View the full resolution here.