Superintendent Updates

January 18, 2022

Dear Families,

The government is making free at home COVID test kits available to all. To order a test kit, please see the website linked here, COVIDTESTS.GOV.

Thank you,

Castro Valley Unified School District
Important Information on Reporting any Positive COVID-19 Test Results (Click HERE to read letter sent to families)
Thanksgiving Wishes from Superintendent Ahmadi (Click HERE to read letter sent to families)
August 15, 2021

Dear Families, 

It has been an absolute joy to see our students on campus this week. A huge thanks to staff for making sure students’ first week was as smooth as possible during these challenging times. Thank you for your patience and support as we embark on this school year with COVID still a global health concern.  It is also important to be patient with one another knowing that despite all efforts, this is going to be an unusual year with unique obstacles. 

Months of preparation and support from our public health officials have allowed us to open school with safety protocols and restrictions. It is critical that we all continue to follow the California Department of Public Health guidelines. Our Safety Plan with details has been updated to reflect the most current guidelines for the 2021-2022 school year.  The link has been posted on the district website here.  Please note that this is a living document that will be updated as needed.

We all know that positive cases will happen in our schools as there is currently a high transmission rate in Alameda, much of the State of CA, and our community. What happens in our community happens in our schools. We will report all confirmed cases among students and staff who are physically present at school sites during their infectious period on our COVID-19 Positive Case Dashboard here

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to help us in many ways. However, it is important to be careful when sharing information about cases in our community as these are our students, neighbors, family members, and staff and we do not want to cause harm with our comments. We are a community and all in this together. Please continue to self assess for symptoms prior to leaving for school, wear your mask, and wash/sanitize your hands. We want to keep our community as safe as possible.

CVUSD continues to partner with National Labs where students and their families can test.  Castro Valley Unified currently offers weekly testing at the Center for the Arts, 19501 Redwood Road - Monday through Friday from 12:30 - 6:30 p.m.  Link to make an appointment here. 
The California Department of Public Health strongly urges all eligible students to get vaccinated. This is an important way to protect student’s individual and our community’s health and avoid lengthy quarantines at home in the event of a positive COVID case on your child’s campus. We are working on scheduling vaccination clinics in the district to make it easier to receive the vaccination. Currently you may receive vaccinations at the following locations:
  1. Safeway (20629 Redwood Road) - Appointment Link
  2. Alameda County Public Health - Appointment Link
  3. California Department of Public Health MyTurn - Appointment Link
Students who have received the COVID-19 vaccine are not required to report their vaccination status. However, vaccination status can now affect an individual’s quarantine timeline should they be exposed to a positive COVID-19 individual. Therefore, it is encouraged that you report your student’s status, if they have received the vaccine, to your school site.
All CVUSD employees are required to be vaccinated. Until verified as fully vaccinated, all unvaccinated employees are required to test for COVID weekly. 

Please check out the important resources below.

Best regards,
Parvin Ahmadi 


July 30, 2021

Dear Families, 

We are excited to welcome our students back to school on August 10th. We have been  closely following information from California and Alameda Departments of Public Health.  Our school and district teams have done a remarkable job establishing important health and safety protocols and working diligently to prepare for the school year.

Our Safety Plan has been updated to reflect the most current guidelines for the 2021-2022 school year.  The link has been posted on the district website here.  Please note that this is a living document that will be updated as needed. 

Site principals are sending home communication with all needed specific details.  Please note that if you have chosen for your child to attend the Virtual Academy due to health/medical conditions, you will receive information from the CVVA Principal.  

I am extremely proud of our students for doing an exemplary job following all guidelines when we reopened schools in March as well as during summer school. We ask for everyone’s  full cooperation in following all guidelines to keep everyone  as safe as possible with schools fully open for in-person instruction.  


If you are eligible but have not yet been vaccinated, I encourage you to find an opportunity to do so at your earliest convenience. As health professionals have assured us, being vaccinated is critical in tackling this pandemic. 


Our students, staff, and all of you have shown tremendous resilience. With you as partners, we will be able to support our students and help accelerate their learning following sixteen difficult months. On behalf of our Governance Team, I  thank you for your ongoing partnership and look forward to a productive school year.  

Best regards, 

Parvin Ahmadi 


July 14, 2021


Dear Families, 

I hope you have had a wonderful summer vacation thus far and continue to spend the next few weeks relaxing and rejuvenating. Please take a few minutes to read these important updates.  

The 2021-2022 school year begins on August 10, 2021 with all schools fully open for in person instruction.  We are very excited to see our students.

The California Department of Public Health released its guidance for schools on July 12, 2021.   CDPH is requiring universal masking for staff and students while indoors in all K-12 schools, noting that “masks are one of the most effective and simplest safety mitigation layers to prevent in-school transmission of COVID-19 infections and to support full-time in-person instruction.” Masks may be removed outdoors and during lunch. CDPH will continue to assess conditions on an ongoing basis, and will determine no later than November 1, 2021, whether to update mask requirements or recommendations.  

As outlined in the Assembly Bill and Senate Bill 130, the expectation is for all students in CA to attend the 2021-2022 school year fully in person.  However, recognizing that there may be students in each district whose families deem them unable to attend school physically due to medical/health concerns, AB/SB 130 allows these students to participate in an independent study online program in the District. In Castro Valley, that would be in the Castro Valley Virtual Academy (CVVA). Once a student is enrolled in the online program, if requested by parents to be moved back to in-person instruction during the year, we will do so as expeditiously as possible with the understanding that  if there is no space at the student’s home school, they will be placed at another school in the district for the remainder of the school year. 

Please note the following: 

For students in Grades TK-8- In May we surveyed families to gauge interest in the Castro Valley Virtual Academy (CVVA). Although you may have shared your interest in the survey, we now need you to fill out this form to confirm that you are requesting enrollment in the Virtual Academy due to health/medical concerns no later than July 23, 2021.

For students in grades 9-12- If the student is already enrolled in the Castro Valley Virtual Academy (CVVA) for this upcoming year, you will not need to take any further action. The student’s placement in the classes they selected has already been taken care of. If your student was not previously registered at CVVA and you would like them to do so now, due to health/medical concerns, please contact Vivienne Paratore, Director of Secondary Instruction at to register no later than July 23, 2021.

As always, all families will receive additional details from their site principals as we approach the beginning of the year. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and stay safe.  

Best regards, 
Parvin Ahmadi