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Negotiations News

March 13, 2019


The District and CVTA met for a half day on Monday, March 11 to continue discussing a few articles. Compensation was discussed during much of the half-day session.


The District presented clarifying language around job shares, and compensation for the job share partner that is required to cover for their partner in the event of a long term absence. The district’s proposal reflects a salary increase for those teachers that cover for these types of long term absences.


CVTA presented a Salary counter proposal to the District for a 4% increase to the salary schedule retroactive to July 1, 2018. This proposal would cost the district 2.9 million dollars each year and result in an ending balance of 1.9% in 3 years, well below the required 3.0% reserve.


The District verbally presented two salary proposals in February and four different salary scenarios yesterday in response to CVTA’s proposal for a 4% salary increase retroactive to July 1, 2018. Each of the District’s 4 proposals during this session, and the 2 proposals last month, reflect a two year package, include additional funds for teachers in the first 5 years, and takes into account the Governors “projected” COLA of 3.46% for 2019-2020 and 2.86% for 2020-2021.





Reserve level in 20-21

Offered Feb. 11

5.0% one time

3% one time



2.0% retro to 7/1/18

1.5% on schedule


Offered March 11

3.46% on 1/1/19




3.0% off schedule

3.0% on schedule



4.5% off schedule 1/1/19

3.46% on schedule



1.0% on 7/1/18 + 0.5% off 1/1/19




The District’s salary proposal continues to include additional compensation for teachers that are in their first 5 years of teaching. It was very evident that CVTA did not agree with the District’s analysis of the budget over the next 3 years. The District is required to maintain a minimum 3% reserve, and submit a 3 year budget to the County Office of Education for approval. The various scenarios presented to the bargaining teams maintain the district’s solvency.


The District suggested bringing in a third party to review and analyze the budget. CVTA was not interested in this proposal. Employee compensation has always been a high priority for Board and many hours have been spent analyzing the budget to ensure that the District can present realistic salary proposals from the onset.


CVTA provided the district with counter proposals on Leaves which included clarifying language around a one year MOU to pilot a new method for implementation of the Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank.


Both parties agreed to meet in April to continue the discussion around compensation.  If the parties cannot reach agreement, the next step would be to declare impasse and go to mediation and fact finding.


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