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Negotiations News

October 28, 2019


The District and CVTA met for the third time on Monday, October 28th. During this session, the District presented counter proposals to CVTA on Hours, Calendar and Salary.
The district presented a counter proposal to CVTA that allowed for the following enhancements to the current CVTA Contract:
  • Limiting comprehensive high school (9-12th grade), teachers of core academic courses to teach no more than different courses per term.
  • Language that would provide for hourly compensation for IEP meetings that extend more than 30 minutes beyond the contractual (7 hour and 10 min) work day
  • Proposed language that would make the process for collaboration and faculty meetings different at the elementary and secondary levels. Elementary would have 2 options to choose from (similar to current language) and the secondary proposal memorialized the collaboration process that is currently happening at the secondary schools. The language also added further description of the guiding questions that are the foundation of collaboration.
  • Proposed language that would rotate elementary prep schedules each year so that no teacher would have Monday preps on consecutive years. Also added language that would allow for the 3 traditional Monday holidays to be made up with a sub.
  • Provide language that would give Advancement Placement teachers 2 on site release day to compensate for the additional number and time it takes to grade.
  • The District proposed reverting to the prior, more simplified, “additional duty” contract language which allowed the sites to develop their own process for equitably distributing the work which acknowledged that every site is unique in their needs and practices.
The district proposed language that would allow for 1 hour of each mandatory staff development day (2 hours) to be used for the legally mandated training (i.e Mandated Reporter and Sexual Harassment Training).
The District offered a $1.5 million salary proposal. The initial proposal was for a one-time 2% bonus for the 2019-2020 school year. It was clarified that this was just one option and the $1.5 million could be distributed in any format. Some of the potential options were $500 toward benefits for the next 3 years, a 4% bonus effective January 1 (thereby minimizing tax liability in 2019 since the 3.25% salary increase from last year was distributed in 2019), or any other combination of ideas that would total $1.5 million. Our offer to meet with the CBO, Suzy Chan to review the District’s budget and answer any questions was declined.
The day ended with CVTA not accepting the district’s proposals on Hours and Salary. CVTA presented a counter proposal on Hours that increased the number of concessions in most areas offered by the district, restricted management’s right to time with the employees, and capped the number of hours of additional duties outside of the day to 6 hours per year. The District and CVTA will meet again on Wednesday, November 20th to continue the collective bargaining process.

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