Negotiations News

January 29, 2020


The District and CVTA met on January 29th. In an effort to change the tone of bargaining to an “Interest Based” rather than “positional” approach, the District presented conceptual proposals to CVTA on Hours, Calendar and Salary.

The District’s Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Suzy Chan, joined the session to answer questions about the budget for the CVTA team. CVTA presented a two year salary proposal requesting an ongoing 3% salary increase (a cost of $1.5 million for CVTA only) for 2019-2020 and an ongoing 2% salary increase ($1.0 million for CVTA) for 2020-2021. Typically, the district increases the salary for all groups at the same rate negotiated with CVTA. In this case, the total cost of a 5% increase over 2 years would result in 3.8 million ongoing increase to the budget.

The parties agreed to meet on February 12th at the CTA offices in San Leandro.

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