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Facilities Use Request

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If you are interested in reserving the Softball Field at Chabot Elementary School, please complete the Facility Use Application and submit to the District Office at 4400 Alma Ave., Castro Valley, CA 94546. 

Calendar:  Click here to view the EMS Facility Use Calendar for the District. All applications for sites MUST be approved by the site administrator by submitting the Facility Use Application.  School events are NOT listed on this calendar. 

Application:  The user shall obtain an Application for Use of School Facilities. The completed application shall be submitted to the site administrator. In addition, the application for athletic groups must be accompanied by a signed Statement of Expectations.

Site Request:  Desired dates shall be coordinated with individual sites and the completed form submitted to the site administrator for approval.

Processing Fee:  The appropriate processing fee shall be paid at the time the application is left at the site.

  • School-related groups (No Cost users) – No processing fee required
  • Civic and service groups (Direct Cost users) - $20.00
  • Commercial, for profit groups (Fair Market users) - $20.00

Site Approval:  The site administrator’s approval is required for the rental of the facility.  The site will verify availability, assign rooms and arrange for support staff (e.g., custodian, kitchen staff), as required, and forward the application and fee to the Facility Use Coordinator to enter into the computer system.

Confirmation:  Facility Use Coordinator will send the user a confirmation of use of facility as well as the estimated costs. The confirmation will include a telephone number to call should the facility not be opened at the time of scheduled use or if other problems arise that require immediate attention.

Upon receipt of the approved application, forms and application fee, Business Services will process the application. A Confirmation/invoice is mailed to the applicant requesting prepayment of all charges. If a custodian is requested on the application, that request will be forwarded to the Operations Supervisor. The site administrator should communicate with the Operations Supervisor to ensure that custodial coverage has been assigned prior to the event.

Certificate of Insurance:  User shall provide a certificate of insurance naming CVUSD an additional insured at least 7 days prior to the requested use; if not received, the event will be canceled.  See the specific requirements and a sample of required certificate here.

Advance Payment Advance payment in full is required at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the event; if not received, the event will be canceled.

Refunds:  Refunds will be provided up to seven (7) calendar days prior to the event; cancellations after the seven-day period will NOT be refunded.

Changes or Cancellations:  The renter may make changes to or cancel a request up to seven (7) calendar days prior to the event.  All changes or cancellations must be submitted in writing (hard copy, email, or fax) to the site administrator and the Facility Use Coordinator at the District Office.

Please note that the standard processing time for facility use applications is three (3) weeks and all user groups are required to submit a current certificate of insurance naming CVUSD as the 'additional insured'. Users should read the Facility Use Handbook in its entirety before submitting their application.

Center for the Arts:  All prospective users of the Center for the Arts must contact:


Interim Managing Director
Patrick Brandon

  CFA Box Office Manager
Theresa Goul
(510) 889-8961