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Energy Management

On March 24, 2011, the Board of Education adopted the comprehensive energy conservation program (Energy Management Conservation Program) that established a set of district-wide guidelines and goals in order to reduce the district’s use of natural resources.

Ramon Villegas, Energy Education Specialist for the district, has provided information regarding the primary goals of the energy program, key accomplishments, energy savings to date, and the benefits of the Energy Conservation Program.


Solar Panels 2012

The Castro Valley Unified School District hosted a project information meeting on Wednesday, February 22, 2012  regarding the solar panel installations at Canyon Middle School, Castro Valley High School and Castro Valley Adult and Career Education / District Office. The district provided an overview of the project features and construction timelines.

Solar Panels in Action

The district has contracted with AlsoEnergy to monitor and track the energy generation from the solar arrays. Click on the links below to see the power output for each site:

Canyon Middle School

Castro Valley High School

Castro Valley Adult and Career Education


What Can You Do to Help?

  • Turn lights off when leaving a room.
  • Turn off computers, monitors, speakers, and printers, daily.
  • Doors should remain closed when heat and air systems are on.