Residency Information and Forms

Proof of Residency
Residency verification must be completed and is required for:
  • All students NEW to the district
  • When a family changes their address  
Fill out a CVUSD Statement of Residency Form (please refer to links on the right for the forms) and submit the form at the school site with required documents outlined below: 
  1. Any two (2) of the following current Utility Bills: 
          • PG&E Bill or Welcome Letter with name, address, and start date
          • East Bay MUD Bill
          • Alameda County Industries (ACI) Bill
          • Waste Management Bill
*If you are only able to provide one Utility Bill from the list above, we will also accept any one of the following to help verify residency:
          • DMV Vehicle Registration or Vehicle Insurance Bill
          • Telephone or Internet Bill
          • Medical Bill
  1. A current CA Driver’s License or ID Card for identification purposes only. 
Original documents are preferred when available although online printouts of your current bills in your name and address are also acceptable.  Current bills are defined as not more than two months old.  Your original documents will be returned to you.
Residency is based on where you live, not what property you own.  Purchase agreements/contracts are not acceptable as proof of residency (escrow closing papers are acceptable with additional verification required within 30 days).

Shared Residency  

A Shared Residency is when a parent is residing with another district resident seven (7) days a week. Both parties must be present during their residency verification. 
  • Print and complete the Shared Statement of Residency Form (links below).
  • The parent/guardian will need to provide two (2) bills proving his/her residency at this address. These items may include phone bill, cable bill, credit card bill, vehicle insurance, payroll stub with name and address, etc.. The parent/guardian's CA Driver's License will also be required for identification purposes.
  • The Homeowner/Renter the parent is living with, will need to provide his/her PG&E bill, another bill (e.g. EBMUD, Waste Mgmt. DMV, or telephone), and his/her California Driver's License. 

Statement of Residency Form (below)