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Dear Castro Valley Unified School District Community,

We look forward to welcoming our students back to school ready to be engaged in learning after a restful summer on August 21st. We believe that our students deserve the best learning environment in which they are nurtured by dedicated teaching and support staff to achieve their goals. We hope to help them become equipped intellectually, socially and emotionally to tackle the challenges ahead of them as they grow and become productive adults.  

We want to thank you, the families, for your ongoing support and involvement in your children’s education.  We are grateful to our extremely dedicated team of professionals who continue to support students and have their social-emotional well being and academic success at the center of every decision they make.

The past three years we have developed various means to better hear our students’ voices and gather their input through several committees and platforms before we make decisions. Not surprisingly, they are wise, willing to share, creative, compassionate and conscientious. Thank you for raising such wonderful leaders.

Each summer our team works diligently around the clock to clean classrooms, make routine repairs, upgrade facilities, order and deliver materials, and plan for the next school year. A special thanks to our custodial and maintenance staff for what they do during the summer and throughout the year to make sure our facilities are clean and safe.  

As a Governance Team, the five Trustees and I continue to advocate for our students and staff  in order to increase funding and support for public schools. We ask that you join us as opportunities arise throughout the year to share with local and state elected officials our collective and strong voice about the value and the necessity of a sustainable public education system.

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as the  superintendent of a school district where ALL means ALL. On behalf of the Governing Board and staff, I wish students a productive and successful school year.  We find it a tremendous privilege to serve our students.



Parvin Ahmadi
Castro Valley Unified School District