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Photo of Parvin AhmadiNovember 14, 2022

Dear Families, 

We will soon enter the fifth month of the school year as well as the holiday season; a well-deserved time for our students and staff to relax, rejuvenate, and in many cases reunite with family and friends. I want to take this opportunity to share my gratitude with our CVUSD team who work extremely hard every day in order to support students and  accelerate student learning. And I want to thank you for your patience and support, and our students for working hard and being great role models.  

The last two years CVUSD schools have embarked on a very important journey to standards-based grading through equitable grading practices. This process takes time, positive energy, hard work, and creativity! Our teachers have been attending training, seeking information, and working together to ensure a successful transition.

Why is this so important? Grades can elevate or hinder/obstruct opportunities for students. Grades are used for admission to programs (college and/or career training) beyond high school and they can be used for participation in sports and other activities, not to mention the tremendous emotional impact grades can have on students. 

As you are probably aware, students in many classrooms are able to retake and redo their assessments to show mastery. This is one of the most critical pieces of standards-based grading. The main objective is always to ensure students are able to master the standards.   In addition to “retake and redo”, many teachers have already adopted or are utilizing other equitable grading practices that motivate students and ensure that grades are bias-resistant, as described in the graphic below. photos

In other exciting news, due to collaborative efforts  the last three years with the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD), the Board approved an agreement to develop a wonderful sports complex with four lighted artificial turf soccer fields with baseball and softball overlays at Canyon Middle School to be used by our students and the community at large. The project costs $14.8 million dollars, covered with $10 million from HARD and the rest from CVUSD building funds.  Read the full press release here

As always, we are grateful for your partnership and wish you all a wonderful holiday season, health, happiness,  and prosperity. 

With gratitude,

Parvin Ahmadi

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