Educational Services

Our mission is to provide leadership and support for CVUSD staff and parents by coordinating the development, alignment, and implementation of standards, assessments, curriculum, instruction, professional learning, and support services to ensure each student meets or exceeds proficiency and is ready for college and career.


The Educational Services Department oversees the activities of the departments of:
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
Dr. Jason Reimann
(510) 537-3000 ex. 1271
Confidential Administrative Assistant
Araceli Cortez
510-537-3000 x 1277
Director of Elementary Curriculum
(510) 537-3000 ex. 1204
Department Specialist- Curriculum
Carmen Fischer
(510) 537-3000 ex. 1262
Director of Secondary Curriculum
(510) 537-3000 ex. 1278
Director of Student Services 
(510) 537-3000 ex. 1257
Department Specialist- Student Services
Annette Burt
(510) 537-3000 ex. 1209
Director of Special Services
(510) 537-3000 ex. 1201
Special Services Coordinator, Elementary
(510) 537-3000 ex. 1206
Secretary- Special Services
Dina Cisneros
(510) 537-3000 ex. 1200