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Maintenance, Operations, & Transportation

Welcome to Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation.

Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining more than 130 buildings and over 220 acres of grounds and athletic fields. This Department is comprised of General Maintenance workers Jason Bonini and Hunter Zhang; Skilled Trades workers Peter Carty, Jeff Hamilton, Frank Holyoake, Manny Morales, and Joshua Torres; and our Skilled Trades Lead, John Flores.

Justine Eclipse is the friendly voice on the end of the phone who answers your questions, listens to your problems, handles work orders, and responds to emergencies. She also provides support to the Operations and Transportation departments.

Operations Department

The Operations department consists of 37 Buildings and Grounds workers, led by Operations Supervisor Charlotte Irwin. The Operations department handles the daily and seasonal cleaning of over 400 classrooms as well as offices, gyms, science centers, and the Center for the Arts.

This Department also assists with special events and provides support for the many community groups who use our facilities seven days a week.

Transportation Department

Castro Valley is fortunate to have a home-to-school transportation program. Our Transportation department consists of the Transportation Coordinator, Tracey Vierra; bus drivers Jeff Andersen, Susan Barajas, Mark Fassio, John Flaaten, Jim Kalkman, and Eric Yoos; and van drivers Robert Ryan and Adrienne Stovall. The Transportation department safely transports an average of 350 students per day to and from school and the Regional Occupational Program (ROP). We also transport students on field trips and district sports teams to and from games.

Hamindar Singh, the district mechanic, keeps the buses and other district vehicles running well and in safe operating condition.

Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation is very proud of the fact that two members of our staff were chosen as Alameda County classified employees of the year in 2011-2012. Tracey Vierra, our Transportation Lead was named Transportation employee of the year and Buildings and Grounds Lead Tim DeForest was named Maintenance and Operations employee of the year.

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Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

(510) 537-3000 ext. 1212

Director of Maintenance,
Operations & Transportation
Gary Krebbs
(510) 537-3000 ext. 6902

Operations Supervisor
Charlotte Irwin
(510) 537-3000 ext. 6904

Coordinator of Transportation
Tracey Vierra
(510) 537-3000 ext. 6901

Department Specialist
Justine Eclipse
(510) 537-3000 ext. 6900