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The Purchasing and Warehouse Department manages the acquisition of goods and services, mail delivery, and warehouse operations. We strive to deliver services in a customer-focused, efficient, manner ensuring ethical procurement practices. Our goal is to provide competent oversight that monitors quality product purchases and services to ensure appropriate stewardship of public funds.


  1. Keep informed about sources of supply, methods, services, and materials.
  2. Ensure contracts are legal and enforceable.
  3. Provide superior service to all CVUSD faculty, students and staff.
  4. Ensure that acquisition/procurements of goods and services meet statutory, regulatory and board policy requirements.
  5. Strive to obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.
  6. Ensure district-wide mail services are performed in a timely and efficient manner.
  7. Ensure warehouse and logistics services are provided in a timely and efficient manner.
  8. Assist in the disposal of surplus property.


In accordance with the general procurement standards in Title 2, Code of Federal Regulations (2 CFR), Section 200.318(c), each agency must develop and maintain written standards of conduct to cover potential personal and organizational conflicts of interest. These written standards must govern the actions of agency employees, officers, or agents who engage in the selection, award, and administration of contracts funded by federal awards.

The District maintains this code through its practices as referenced above in the Purchasing Procedures section.  Additionally, employees procuring goods or services for the District shall adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • Give consideration to the District’s mission
  • Obtain maximum value for each dollar spent
  • Decline personal favors, gifts, and gratuities
  • Grant all competitive suppliers fair and equal consideration
  • Conduct business with potential and current suppliers in an atmosphere of good faith
  • Demand honesty in sales representation
  • Receive consent of originator for use of proprietary ideas and designs
  • Make reasonable effort to obtain equitable settlement of any controversy with a supplier
  • Accord a prompt and courteous response to all who call on legitimate business
  • Foster fair, ethical, and legal business practices
  • Protect the District’s interest by ensuring suppliers honor all terms of their contracts




Purchasing Department
19722 Center Street
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

(510) 537-3000, ext. 1212 

Kat Troyer, Director of Purchasing and Warehousing
(510) 537-3000, ext. 1229

Wes Feucht, Warehouse Lead
(510) 537-3000, ext. 1366

Diana (Dee Dee) Farrell, Account Clerk
(510) 537-3000, ext. 1285