New Student Enrollment Steps

Complete an Online Enrollment Application

If you are enrolling a new student, you must complete and submit an online enrollment application prior to your meeting with the school district staff.  

Click  HERE  to begin the online application 

Online enrollment will not “hold a spot” for your student in your neighborhood school, and your student will not be considered enrolled, until you have submitted all required documents at the school site.

From 3/17/2020 until 4/7/2020, we will be observing social distancing requirements so no in-person appointments will take place.  After completing of the step outlined above, school personnel will reach you for a virtual appointment to complete enrollment verification.

Verification of Residency
You must be a current resident in the CVUSD boundaries and provide proof of residency. 
Fill out a CVUSD Statement of Residency Form and submit at the school site with the following original documents:
  1. Current PG&E bill in your name showing the residence property address (all pages), including service address.
  2. A current CA Driver's License or ID Card for identification purposes only.
  3. Any one (1) of the following current bills:
    • EBMUD bill
    • Waste Management bill
    • DMV vehicle registration or vehicle insurance bill
    • Telephone bill
If you have special circumstances and are unable to provide any of the residency documentation, please communicate this to your school site.  Your school site may contact the Student Services Department for additional support and we appreciate your patience if this is the case.  Special circumstances may require you to process your residency at the district office.
Call School Site to Schedule an Enrollment Appointment
***From 3/17/2020 to 4/7/2020, school sites will now contact you after step 1 has been completed.  You will be contacted via phone or email and prompted to provide all documentation digitally.  If you have any questions, please contact your school secretary or registrar directly.
Please be sure to bring the following supporting documents with you to the appointment with your school of residence to finalize your student's enrollment:
  1. Enrollment Confirmation (available to print when you complete the online enrollment application)
  2. Residency Verification Form and ALL of the required original documents
  3. Child's birth certificate, (also accepted are passports, an affidavit of birth, or a baptism certificate, family bible, Torah, Koran)
  4. Child's Immunization Records
  5. Kindergarten & 1st Grade:  Health History Form
  6. Kindergarten:  Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Form or a dental check done no earlier than 12 months before your child enters school.
  7. Current IEP or current 504 (if applicable)
  8. NEW 10th - 12th Grade students:  MUST provide an unofficial transcript.  If transferring mid-year, bring proof of withdrawal, with transfer grades, from prior school.
  9. NEW 9th Grade students at start of the new school year:  Provide copy of 8th Grade Report Card
  10. NEW 6th, 7th, 8th Grade students:  Provide Transcript or Report Card

Please note that many CVUSD schools and grade levels are impacted by growth and students may not be able to attend their resident school. This may result in students being diverted to another CVUSD school site. Final school assignment is confirmed upon completion of the enrollment process.