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Inter-District Transfers (to/from other school districts)

Inter-District Transfer Requests to ENTER Castro Valley:

A parent or legal guardian of a student living outside the CVUSD boundaries may request a transfer for that student to attend a school within the CVUSD.  If you wish to apply for an Inter-district transfer, you must first start the process and obtain an approved Inter-district transfer (release) from your home district of residence.  Once approved from your home district, applications for Inter-district transfers for the 2019-20 school year can be submitted to our district office starting April 2, 2019 (forms will not be accepted earlier).
All applications must include a copy of the most current transcript/report card, attendance and discipline reports, most recent IEP (if eligible), and documentation required to support the reason(s) for the request.
CVUSD will accept Inter-district transfer applications for Kindergarten through 5th grade only.  For grades 6-12, due to space limitation and impacted enrollment, we approve Inter-district transfer applications only as required by Ed Code and Board Policy.
Approval will be granted based on available space and the reason for the request.  Documentation that supports the reason must be attached and submitted with the application.  We will make every effort to either approve or deny requests before the start of the school year.  In some instances, we may not be able to determine if we can approve the request until the second week after school begins.  While awaiting our decision, continue with registration and enrollment in your district of residence, and plan accordingly so your student does not miss a day of school. 
Castro Valley Unified School District accepts students on inter-district transfers based on the following criteria:
  • Students are accepted on a space available basis
  • A copy of the most recent report card must be submitted with the transfer request
  • Your child must have a C+ or better grade point average, with no D or F grades
  • Your child must have good attendance with no "cutting" classes and few or no tardies
  • Your child must not have any behavioral or discipline problems
  • All transportation will be provided and/or arranged by the parent
If during the school year any of the above conditions are not met, or if school enrollment becomes impacted, the transfer will be revoked and your child will be sent back to his/her home district.  Also, once approved please be advised, there is a possibility that when particular grade levels have impacted enrollment, your student may be moved to another school.  This movement would only occur once per child.

Inter-District Transfer Requests to LEAVE Castro Valley:

Requests for students living inside the CVUSD boundaries, wishing to attend a school outside of our district boundary lines, must be approved by CVUSD before it is forwarded to the district which the student is choosing to attend.  Download the Inter-District Transfer Application, fill out the form, attach the required documentation and bring it to the Student Services Department located at CVUSD, 4400 Alma Ave., Castro Valley.  We will complete the CVUSD portion of the request, the parent/guardian will then submit the form to the requested transfer district (or we can mail to district upon request).
The transfer district must give their approval before the student is allowed to attend a school outside of the CVUSD boundary lines.  Student is considered a CVUSD student, and should continue attending school, until the student has been approved by the transfer district and withdrawal has been completed from the CVUSD school.
The outgoing process for Kindergarten through 12th grade students begins at our District Office on April 2, 2019.
Click on the link below to download the Inter-District Transfer Application