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Presentations are offered for families in English, Spanish and Chinese on how to keep your child safe while using the internet. Parents and guardians learn about current media trends, digital reputation, online bullying and how to effectively monitor your child. Presentations are given by our local Sheriff Department Deputies.  


The Latino Family Literacy project is designed to help encourage family reading routines in English and Spanish. It involves family reading for Hispanic family involvement in vocabulary development and English development using books that reflect the experiences of Latino families. All books are bilingual and parents are given a book to borrow each week to try out the reading strategies that they learn in the class.  


Parent University is a morning of workshops for parents/guardians of all ages.  Parents/guardians walk away with some tips and strategies to help make your life as a parent easier and more rewarding. Parents/guardians will discover ways to help their child be more academically successful and socially resilient. An added benefit is that parents/guardians meet, connect and learn with other parents, grandparents, caregivers and educators.


PIQE is a nine week workshop that educates, empowers and inspires parents/guardians of K-12 children to take an active role in their child’s education. Parents/guardians who participate learn important information about how to support their child in their academic performance in school, how to develop healthy relationships with parents, teachers and counselors and how to prepare for college and career. Sessions are provided in English and Spanish.

PIQE’s CORE Values:

Empowerment for change: Give families the tools and knowledge to effectively impact their children’s educational success.

Knowledge is power: Informed families can improve their children’s future.

Taking responsibility: Everyone doing their part to ensure student success.

Respect for the family: Honoring and valuing parental participation and perspectives.


School Smarts is a seven week workshop offered by the California State PTA in partnership with local PTAs and school districts. This program is designed to help parents/guardians learn ways that they can help their children succeed in school.  Topics include: parent involvement, preparing for a lifetime of learning, understanding our educational system and local school system and what it means to be a parent leader and an advocate for education.