ALICE » TK - 5 ALICE and Safety Parent Presentation and Resources

TK - 5 ALICE and Safety Parent Presentation and Resources

Thank you to those that were able to make the virtual presentation on safety in CVUSD elementary schools and the ALICE framework for responding to violent critical incidents–your participation was invaluable.

Whether you were able to attend the presentation or not, we wanted to follow-up with a recording of the presentation as well as additional resources.


As was stated during our live presentation, we acknowledge that it is unfortunate that the topic of violent critical incidents is something that we are discussing. Fortunately, these incidents are statistically unlikely and we will still prepare and empower ourselves to exercise safe choices.

Our priority of safety for students and staff at our schools is strengthened through ongoing partnership with our families. We thank you for this partnership and the many roles you play in helping our school communities be warm and welcoming.



Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers” - a resource from the National Association of School Psychologists