Happy Summer!

As we approach the end of this school year  I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your partnership on behalf of our Governance Team.  Our efforts  to ensure students are receiving a high quality education with the many obstacles  during COVID would not have been possible without your support. 
Our students have displayed great strength and resilience. They have worked hard to reach their academic goals and have made many positive impacts in their school communities. They have helped each other on their learning journeys and understand the importance of collective responsibility. I am extremely proud of our young people. 
Our dedicated team of professionals have worked extremely hard  to ensure that students have great learning experience despite all challenges. The unwavering commitment of our classified, certificated, and administrators to our students’ academic achievement and social emotional wellbeing is deeply appreciated. 
Hiring and retaining highly qualified team members who are aligned with our core values of care, compassion, equity,  and supporting our students’ academic excellence and wellness are keys to our success. We welcome new members to our team, as we celebrate and congratulate our retirees who have given our children and our district excellent care for so many years. 
As you may have heard, Mr. Torpey will be leaving CVHS at the end of this school year to become the Regional Occupational Program Superintendent. This is a well deserved promotion for Mr. Torpey who has given so much to our students and families. We will miss him and know that he will continue to be an outstanding administrator serving children in Castro Valley as well as students in the three neighboring districts in his new position.  We also wish Principal Ghereben from Proctor Elementary great success as she and her family begin a new endeavor in another state. We thank Ms. Ghereben for her contributions and service to students and families in Castro Valley for the last four years. 
Last but not least, I wish our seniors well on their new journeys. They have shown tremendous strength the last two years. Their voices are amplified through their ongoing activism to make this a better world. They are informed, independent, multifaceted, and act with compassion and care. They are inspiring!  
Our Board Trustees and I wish you a safe and wonderful summer break and look forward to welcoming our students back on August 9th. As done every year, our team will continue to work over the summer to prepare for another great school year. Please stay tuned for communication from school sites and our office as we get closer to the beginning of the school year.
Best regards,
Parvin Ahmadi