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Student Accident Insurance

Voluntary Student & Athletic Accident Insurance

The school district does not provide student and athletic accident insurance.  However, in accordance with Education Code Section 49472, the district does make available several insurance coverage plans through an independent insurance company.  Although not mandatory, we recommend that you consider purchasing some type of student and athletic accident insurance to protect your child in the event of an injury.

The district has made available for purchase voluntary student and athletic accident insurance through the Student Insurance Company.  The insurance provides broad coverage for 24-Hour, At-School, Tackle Football, and Extended Dental.  Additionally, the Student Insurance Company offers a unique feature; the company will pay all claims on a primary basis, except tackle football which will be paid on an excess basis.

Important - Please Read

All students participating in interscholastic sports (this includes cheerleaders, mascots, bands, drill teams, etc.) are required by the Education Code to have adequate accident/medical insurance.  Tackle football coverage must be purchased separately from 24-Hour and At-School Coverage.  District procedures require all interscholastic participants to certify accident/medical insurance coverage.

If you have private medical insurance that meets the requirements of the Education Code Sections 32221..32224, you do not have to purchase the student and athletic accident insurance offered through the Student Insurance Company.

If you are interested in purchasing student and athletic accident insurance, please download the On-Line Enrollment document and click on the link.  Then, follow the instructions for the Five Quick Steps to Enroll. Coverage will be effective on the day the insurance company receives your premium.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Student Insurance website,

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