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Castro Valley Unified School District will be using ParentSquare for school communication, primarily with email, text and app notifications. ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each parent, using your preferred email address and phone number. We encourage parents to access their accounts so they can download the mobile app and update their preferences on when and how they are notified.


Here’s what you can do with ParentSquare:

  • Receive messages from the school via email, text or app notification
  • Choose to receive information as it comes or all at once at 6pm daily
  • Communicate in your preferred language
  • Comment on school postings to engage in your school community
  • and so much more to come...

Frequently Asked Questions for Families


How do I register for ParentSquare? 

On the app, enter your email or cell phone number. The email and/or cell phone number should match what is in the school's information system or database.

On the web, click ‘Sign In’, then under ‘Sign Up’ section, put your email or phone number and click '“Go”.
If the email or phone number is not recognized by ParentSquare, parents can update your contact information via the AERIES portal. New contact information will be in ParentSquare the next day. 

How do I update my contact information in AERIES?
Please visit the Aeries Parent Portal to update your contact information. Once logged in, on the left select "Student Info" menu, select "Contacts". Next to the name you would like to update, click the "Pencil" button on the left to edit. Be sure to include your cell phone number in the cell phone field in order to receive text messages from the district and/or school.
If the email address is locked select "Change Email" from the top right corner under your email.  For further assistance please contact your child's school.
My email is correct in ParentSquare. Why am I not receiving emails?
Please check your spam to see if any ParentSquare messages ended up there, and mark them as "Not Spam." Also add [email protected] to your email contacts so your server recognizes our messages. If you still are not receiving emails, please contact us at [email protected] so we can assist you.


How do I update my language preference?

On a browser, click on your name to update your language preferences.
On the app go to Account > Preferences from the menu.  

Too Many Posts? Set Email, Text and App Notifications to Daily Digest

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to your name in the upper right.
  3. Select My Account.
  4. Click Notification Settings.
  5. Select Off, Instant or Digest for each type of notification (Email, Text, App), and for each school or district if there is more than one.
  6. Click the X in upper right to return to Home.

Where do I get the ParentSquare App?

iOS App - Apple Store

Android App - Google Play Store

Use the camera on your phone to scan these QR codes - it takes you directly to the App or Google Play store. applegoogle

How can I add another child to my account? How can I add another school to my account?

If you wish to add another child to your account, you will have to ensure your school's information system has registered your contact information and you are associated with your child. ParentSquare will always reflect the most current information we have received from the school’s information system.


How do I change my password?

Please go to and on the login page click "Forgot Password." Put in your email or phone number and you will be sent a link to reset your password.  


Can I change the email and/or cell phone number on my account?

ParentSquare is configured to NOT allow contact info changes.  You can call the school office and ask for your contact information to be updated in Aeries. After the school updates the information, the new contact details will be in ParentSquare the next day.


English is not my first language. How can I receive content in my native language?

You can customize your language settings by going to "My Account" and clicking "Change This" under language settings. From here, you can choose any language you prefer from the drop down menu and you will start to receive content in that language. Here is a help article on how to change your language settings.


I am getting too many messages from ParentSquare, is it possible to receive less notifications?

You can customize your notification settings by going to your homepage and clicking on your name in the top right corner and selecting "My Account" from the drop down menu. On your account page, you can find your notification settings in the top right corner and click "Change This" to customize your notifications. If you are receiving too many notifications, try changing to our Digest setting where you will only receive one condensed message in the evening. Here is a help article on changing your notification settings.


How can I edit my sign up?

In order to change your sign up, you must delete your existing sign up and sign up again for the correct slot. To delete your sign up, hover your mouse over your name and you will see a trash can appear to the right of your name. Click on the trash can and your sign up will be removed. Then, you can click on the "Sign Up" button that corresponds with the correct slot.  


Can I change my RSVP?

If your plans change and you would like to change your RSVP, click on "Sign Ups and RSVPs" under the participation tab in the left sidebar. On this page, find the event that you had previously sent an RSVP for and click the green button that says "Change my RSVP" on the right side.


I've received an invalid registration link, what should I do?

If your registration link expired, you will need a new one. Please contact your school's admin or send us an email to [email protected] and ask for a new link to be sent to you.

Download our FREE ParentSquare app for iOS or Android.

iOS App - Apple Store

Android App - Google Play Store