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Emergency Communications

In the event of a school emergency:


DO check the District website for up-to-date information. 

DO contact the District Office at (510) 537-3000, only if needed.

DO check your emails and have phones available to receive updated information via ParentSquare. To learn more about ParentSquare and how to update your contact information in AERIES, click HERE




…Contact your child

…Go to the school, unless instructed to do so

…Call the school


The safety of our students and staff is the utmost priority for Castro Valley Unified School District. We take all possible precautions to help ensure that our campuses are safe, secure, and provide a peaceful learning environment.

However, we all know that unfortunate and unplanned events can occur. In the case of an emergency, we are prepared to provide our students, staff, parents, and school community timely, accurate, and honest information.

As you know, information moves fast in the electronic age.  One inaccurate email, text message or social media can spark rumors, create unnecessary panic or make an emergency much worse.

In the case of an emergency, we ask that you remember to look for accurate information from the district.  We will deliver messages over these services:

Website: Updates will be posted as a News and Announcements "pop-up" on the website as they become available.

Emails/Phone Calls/Text Messages:  We can reach parents/guardians at each school site and throughout the entire district through our automated message system, ParentSquare.  Please be sure you have updated your contact information in AERIES.

Also, if the nature of the situation warrants lockdown and students/staff are to shelter in place, we ask you not to call your child on their cell phone as the ringtone itself may create a dangerous situation.

We have planned for emergencies in order to keep our students and staff safe. We certainly hope that our planning is never put to use, but to help ensure campus safety and security, we have worked in cooperation with other agencies to prepare a full crisis preparedness and communications plan, and you have a role too:  Please make sure that your school site has your updated phone number and email address to reach you.



An evacuation alert is issued when there is a need to rapidly move people from one location to another when it is safer to move to another location.

Shelter In Place

A shelter alert is issued for protection from flying debris during an earthquake, toxic chemicals or gas during a spill or an attack, or for severe weather.


A secure alert (also referred to as a Soft Lockdown) is called to increase the level of security within a facility rapidly. Exterior doors and main interior doors are locked to deny a dangerous person access to the facility. Staff and students may continue productive activities in a limited fashion.


A lockdown is called when danger is imminent. Lockdown requires all staff and students to seek physical safety from physical assault as possible by utilizing physical barriers and hiding places. A lockdown is an emergency response to immediate danger.

Earthquake Drop Procedure

A drop procedure when a student and staff member takes cover under a table or desk, dropping to their knees, with the head protected by the arms, and the back to the windows. 


The activity of reuniting students with their families or an authorized adult after an incident that prevents normal school dismissal.