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Annual Notifications

All employees are required to read all of the notifications below each year.   For the 2020-2021 school year, we are using Frontline Central to complete the Annual Notifications Affidavit form.

Sexual Harassment (AR 4119/4219/4319)

CVUSD Policy on Sexual Harassment, Legal Remedies & Complaints

Pesticide Postings (AR 3514)

CVUSD Policy on Pesticide Postings

CVUSD Integrated Pest Management Plan

Uniform Complaint Procedures (BP 1312.3)

CVUSD Uniform Complaint Procedures

Specialized Healthcare Services (BP 5141.21)

CVUSD Request for Volunteers to Administer EpiPens & Anti-Seizure Medication

Prohibited Activities (BP 4136/4236/4336)

CVUSD Policy on Prohibited Activities and Non-School Employment

Required Disaster Service (AR 4112.3/4212.3/4312.3)

District Employees are mandated Disaster Service Workers

Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace (BP 4020; AR 4159/4259/4359)+

CVUSD is a Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace

Tobacco Free Schools (BP 3513.3)

CVUSD has Tobacco Free Schools

AIDS & Hepatitis B Prevention (AR 4119.43/4219.43/4319.43)

Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens

Workers Compensation Benefits (BP 4157.1/4257.1/4357.1)

CVUSD Policy on Work Related Injuries

Mandated Reporter (AR 5141.4)

Child Abuse Prevention & Reporting

FMLA/CFRA (AR 4161.8/4261.8/4361.8)

Family Care & Medical Leave

Non-Discrimination (BP 0410, 0430)

Non-Discrimination in District Programs & Activities

Comprehensive Local Plan for Special Education

Asbestos Management Plan (AR 3514.1)

Hazardous Substances

Employee Use of Technology (AR 4040)

Technology Use Agreement